CFR Marfă is providing on the transport market railway products and services that address to any interested customers, namely direct customers (consignors and consignees), transport organizers, other railway transportation operators.


Railway products and services CFR Marfă provided to direct customers are the following:

  1. Railway carriage of freight that are accepted on the railway; they are mentioned in the Freight Denominations in the Freight Domestic Fare of CFR Marfă (TIM), namely in the Harmonized Freight names established by the International Union of the Railways, upon having consulted the World Customs Organization.

Carriages are effected between the stations on CFR network as mentioned in Part IV of the Freight Domestic Fare of CFR Marfă – The Kilometric List or The Harmonized Distance List for the Carriage of Goods, section Romania, established by International Union of the Railways.

Freight railway services are tailored to the characteristics of the goods and meet the requirements of cutomers concerning the type of traffic (domestic or international), the type of traffic (conventional wagons or combined traffic) and the volume of carriages. CFR Marfă organizes carriages on the following types of wagons

  • Single wagons ;
  • Groups of wagons:
  1. minimum 5 physical wagons and maximum 10 phisical wagons;
  2. minimum 11 physical wagons and maximum 20 physical wagons

for those carriages of goods that are delivered on the same consignor station and the same consignee station

  • multi-group or antenna trains having at least two groups of wagons (antennas) running together on a significant segment of their forwarding route;
  • complete train load made up of wagons ruuning between the same consignor station and the same consignee station observing the requirements for minimum ton load or minimum length, as specific to the route and having a unique fare payer.

In order to effect carriages, CFR Marfă provides to customers its own wagons of different types, but it may also form its trains with any other wagons accepted to run on the CFR network (customer-owned wagons, wagons owned by other railway transport operators, including strangers or 1520 mm-gauge wagons adapted for 1435 mm axles).

CFR Marfă is providing those railway transport services according to the "CFR Marfa General Transport Conditions" published on the web site of the company or according to any agreements/contracts/conventions concluded with its customers.

  1. Railway shunting services that may be effected according to the respective distance or duration, in the CFR railway stations and on all industrial lines connected to those stations, for the introducing and taking out of loaded or empty wagons on/from the public lines in the stations, introducing and taking out of loaded or empty wagons on/from the customer-loading/unloading ramps or the latter’s weighing ramps or other movings requested by the customers;
  2. 3. Weigh loaded or empty wagons on the CFR Marfă scales
  3. 4. Rent CFR Marfă-owned wagons ;
  4. Rent CFR Marfă-owned locomotives ;
  5. Reserve CFR Marfă-owned wagon fleet in order to effect carriges in the customer’s interest;
  6. Record customer wagons in the CFR Marfă fleet, in order to administrate them according to current railway regulations ;
  7. Customs commissioning services;
  8. Other services (establishing transport documents, sealing, etc.)..




Concerning transport organizers (forwarding companies, combined transport operators), CFR Marfă is building mutually profitable partnerships, where our company provides its own resources (personnel, rolling stock, etc.) :

  1. It provides railway services and products granted to direct customers;
  2. It provides specific services and products, such as :
  • Multi-group/antenna trains or complete train load having wagons or groups of wagons from different consignors in the same consignor station or for different consignees from the same consignee station;
  • Shunting or weighing services concerning the customers of the transport organizers who are not using CFR Marfă transport services;
  • Information/notification services in real time concerning the running of transports/position of the freight carriages.




CFR Marfă is open to the cooperation with the private railway transport operators in Romania and, it may provide the following services for them, according to its capabilities and available resources and without affecting contracts concluded with its own customers:

  1. Tow private operator-owned trains on certain segments on the route;
  2. Provide a secondary locomotive  ;
  3. Rent CFR Marfă-owned wagons and locomotives ;
  4. Shunt wagons ;
  5. Weight wagons on CFR Marfă scales;
  6. Accommodate the private operator personnel in CFR Marfă-dedicated buildings;
  7. Effect refurbishments of trains in the consignor stations, on the route or in the consignee stations ;
  8. Administrate the wagon fleet
  9. Provide carriage of goods in partenership on certain route segments.


Fares for the services provided by CFR Marfă are established according to the provisions of the following regulations :

  1. In domestic traffic, CFR Marfa Domestic Fare for the Carriage of Goods (Tariful Intern de Mărfuri al CFR Marfă) (TIM) ;
  2. In internaţional traffic, according to the application scope :
  • CFR Marfa Import-Export and Transit Fare (Tariful de Import – Export şi Tranzit al CFR Marfă) (TIET) ;
  • Union Fares to which CFR Marfă is a part :
  1. Europe-Asia Fare (TEA) ;
  2. The Railway Polish /Slovak/Czech /Hungarian – Romanian Fare for the carriage of goods on complete wagon load (PSCURT)
  3. The Freight Slovak/Polish– Ukrainean – Romanian Fare for the complete load wagons running on 1.435 mm gauge (SUR)

Based on certain contract/convention concluded with the customers, CFR Marfă may grant reduced fares as compared to the established/calculated according to the provisions of the fares above-mentioned or more profitable offers for the customers. These are split according to the following:

  1. concrete conditions for each service, specially transport carriages;
  2. customer commitments (direct beneficiaries or forwarding companies) concerning:
  • the type of traffic ;
  • the type of the requested transport services and the volume of goods achieved/committed for each type of service. When establishing offers, one can take into account the fact that several types of services are achieved or committed (e.g. both services taking the form of complete train load, and services on single wagons or group of wagons) .
  • ways and due dates for payment (advance, respectively upon invoicing the requested service) ;
  • other commitments on behalf of customers leading to mutually profitable situations;
  1. customer reliability,
  2. the way some previous contracts were executed.

CFR Marfă is concerned with the continuous tailoring of its services and offers to the customer experience and expectations, in order to provide high-quality services in a professional way and to build long-lasting, efficient cooperation relationships.